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Automatic Cable Reeler

Floating roof storage tanks usually contain highly flammable products which can potentially cause catastrophic fires. When the fire is not detected early it can cause significant loss of plant, down time of production and in severe situations even risk to life. These can have a large financial or environmental impact.

The main cause of fires is the ignition of flammable vapours leaking from a worn or damaged rim seal.

Early detection of the incipient fire is paramount for any fire suppression measures preventing the growth and spread of the fire.

The design and size of storage tanks can differ with each operator and site, requiring a flexible solution
to meet individual needs. With its ease of installation and low maintenance Linesense digital Linear Heat Detection (LHD) cable provides a cost effective answer. The LHD cable can be cut to length as required and a single cable can protect the largest of storage tanks.

Linesense Linear Heat Detection cable is simple and reliable, providing uninterrupted detection along its length ensuring the complete circumference of the rim seal is protected.

The LHD cable installed around the rim seal of a floating roof tank requires an electrical connection between roof level and a junction box at the top of the tank wall. The connecting cable needs to allow for  the rise and fall of the floating roof as the tank fills and empties. The cable reeler automatically adjusts for the movements of the roof, dispensing cable out as the level falls and reeling cable back in when the level rises. The Automatic Cable Reeler is installed at the top of the tank wall and provides a four core cable to connect to a junction box located on the tank roof.

Automatic Cable Reeler