Global Statistics Illustrate Importance of Bus and Coach Fire Protection

Linesense continues to go from strength to strength with an ever-increasing share of the fire detection market. One area in which the company’s Digital LHD (Linear Heat Detection) technology is proving particularly successful is in the early detection of bus and coach fires.

Bus and Coach Fires - Linesense

Bus fires are a global problem. Statistics show that in the USA alone there are, on average, six bus fires a day: that equates to over 2,000 a year . Annual figures for other countries illustrate all too clearly that Europe also has its fair share: in Norway there were 49, in Sweden more than 120 and in Germany over 350 . More than two thirds of these fires occur in the engine bay compartment.

With European requirements for noise reduction typically requiring the engine bay to be fully enclosed, along with engines operating at higher temperatures to meet reduced emissions, the risk of fire is greater. These factors alone may not be sufficient reasons to cause a fire, but if the vehicle is poorly maintained then the probability of either electrical or mechanical failures increases and, with it, the potential for fire. Preventative maintenance in any industry or process is always the ideal target, but, in reality, the resulting downtime and cost means this is not always practiced. Therefore, the need to have some form of automatic fire detection linked to an alarm and suppression system, significantly improves the risk management.

The move towards quieter and greener vehicles using highly flammable natural gas or hydrogen fuel cells means that reliable technology is crucial for early detection, both for the safe evacuation of passengers and also to minimise damage to the vehicles in the event of a fire.

bus illustration

The Linesense Digital LHD cables H8069 (176ºC, 349ºF) and H9650 (240ºC, 464ºF) offer a robust and cost-effective fire detector suitable for the high temperatures and harsh environment of an engine compartment. The flexible nature of the Linesense LHD makes it ideal for the compact and intricate layout of an engine, where it can be easily cut to length to fit the individual needs of any application, providing a single continuous and uninterrupted heat detector.

Linesense LHD cable is a simple and reliable product, unaffected by ambient temperature, requiring no calibration and minimal maintenance. It can be connected to any unit capable of monitoring a switched signal, i.e. a vehicle’s extinguishing module, addressable switch monitor unit or PLC (Programmable Logic Controller).

Fire detection for bus and coach engine bays is yet another success story amongst the many which illustrate why customers are choosing Linesense.

It makes sense to choose Linesense.

Ian Jacob - October 2017

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