DIM 28 Digital Interface Module2


Digital Interface Module

Dimensions: H90 x W71 x D58 mm
Part Number: 52101-001-28


The Digital Interface Module (DIM-28) monitors the Linear Heat Detection (LHD) cable for both Fire and Fault (open circuit) conditions. By the use of an additional series resistor it can also offer discrimination of a short circuit fault on the interposing field wiring.

With the ability to monitor up to 1,500m for both Fire and Fault conditions the DIM-28 enhances any fire detection capability and allows an appropriate action to be taken.

The DIM-28 has volt free relay outputs for Fire and Fault which can be configured for connecting directly into a conventional fire alarm panel or addressable interface module.

As well as having Fire and Fault indicators built in, it has two pairs of outputs for driving remote LED indicators for Fire and Fault.

The DIM-28 has been third party assessed to IEC61508 and is certified as being SIL2 Capable.


  • Volt free relay outputs for Fire and Fault.
  • Provides monitoring of faults on both field wiring and the LHD.
  • LED Fire and Fault indicators.
  • Remote LED indicator outputs for both Fire and fault.
  • Fire and Fault Test Functions.
  • Suitable for monitoring hazardous area applications when using safety barriers.
  • DIN Rail compatible


  • Power Generation.
  • Cable Trays / Tunnels.
  • Road and Rail Tunnels.
  • Car Parks.
  • Conveyors (Bearing) protection.
  • Storage racks warehouse, Refrigerated rooms and cold stores.
  • Petro-chemical storage tanks, rim seal protection.
  • Motor and pump overheat detection.
  • Dirty and dusty environments.
  • Building exteriors under eaves.


Operating voltage:

18 - 30 VDC

Operating Current Normal:

25 mA (Fault relay energised)

Operating Current Maximum:

56 mA (Fire relay energised)




2 x VFCO relays, 1.0 amp 24 VDC / 120 VAC


1 x VFCO relays, 1.0 amp 24 VDC / 120 VAC

Remote indicators:

4 x 100 mA


Remote Reset & Remote indicators lamp test

Linear Heat Detector:

1,500m max, Single zone, requires 10K ohm end of line resistor.



H90 x W71 x D58 mm

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